Our core principles

To honor primary architecture, that of nature, our structures are made with local materials and serve as an extension of the Earth itself.

Furthermore, we engage with local communities to learn from their ancient traditions and usher a process of co-creation, where our philosophies fuse to develop projects that are culturally attuned to the places where we are invited to build. By integrating these materials, techniques and knowledge, we reveal the endemic potentialities of the natural, the cultural and the human dimensions of a project, committing ourselves to sustainability and a reinterpretation of ancestral knowledge.

Lastly, we seek to create spaces where art and creativity thrive. We forgo conventions to discover realms of possibility.

Our structures are meant to work as creative agents themselves, to inspire artistic production and offer new spaces for dynamic exploration that expands our boundaries and provides fertile soil for ideas and sensibilities to flourish.

Kin Toh ___

Sfer ik ___

Sfer ik, Uh May ___