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Architectural Digest

An Otherworldly Cultural Complex Grows Out of the Jungle in Mexico

Azulik Uh May, a new cultural complex that opened in the jungle outside Tulum at the beginning of December, is full of holes. Under the 52-foot-tall dome of IK LAB, the central art gallery, live trees emerge from holes in the polished concrete floor and shoot straight through tunnels that hang down from the ceiling. And when it rains, the holes in the roof funnel water directly to their roots.

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Architectural Digest Spain

HOTEL AZULIK, un paraíso para perderse en la JUNGLA

Entre las ruinas mayas de Tulum, México, el Caribe y un parque nacional de manglares y cenotes, el hotel 'Azulik' es un paraíso 'eco friendly', una manera única de perderse en una jungla de relax.

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Travel and Leisure

This Eco-Resort in Tulum Has Whimsical Architecture and a Jaw-Dropping Art Museum

Opened in 2003, Azulik offers an alternative understanding of luxury and meditation to visitors who are charmed by the hotel’s mesmerizing architecture and connections with nature.

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Arch Daily

Galería / Roth Architecture

En el corazón de uno de los lugares más exclusivos de América Latina, aparece una galería de arte sin precedentes, la cuál presenta una lista de destacados artistas internacionales y organiza exhibiciones de arte contemporáneo de vanguardia, desarrolla experiencias culturales inmersivas para la creciente comunidad local de Tulum y visitantes internacionales que fomentan la creatividad, la conciencia y la visión.

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Arch Daily

ZAK IK Store / Roth-Architecture

An exclusive fashion boutique at AZULIK Tulum, which combines fashion, design, architecture, jewelry, and art, within a space full of contrasts, textures, sensations and routes that invites you to discover the collections of the store.

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Society of British Interior Designers

Redefining Life in the Jungle with a Non-Invasive Nature-Inspired Residence

Roth Architecture crafted this unique residence to harmoniously blend in with the environment, respecting and honouring the natural habitat that hosts it. Centric to this award-winning design was the drive to redefine life in the jungle, promoting a non-invasive dialogue between architecture and its natural surroundings.

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ID Interior Design

Sfer Ik Museion Uh May by Roth-Architecture: 2019 Best of Year Winner for Small Museum/Art Gallery

The coastal town of Tulum, Mexico, is renowned for its Mayan ruins and Caribbean beaches. But it holds another draw for intrepid tourists willing to venture 14 miles deep into the jungle. It’s there that this gallery, or “interdisciplinary creative sphere,” as the Sfer Ik Museion Uh May calls itself, resides—and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen. The partially open-air, undulating structure is built from concrete and local wood and incorporates live trees.

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The Outrageous Azulik Villas In The Tulum Jungle With Floating Crystal Pools And A Diving Sommelier

In jungles around the world, architects are developing eco-tourist hotels far from the city lights to offer up enchanting, unusual experiences. I have written about treehouse hotels in the past, but this is one of the most magical places I have ever been.

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Roth Architecture: se puede construir sin destruir

Los recién entregados Frame Awards 2020, convocatoria de la prestigiosa publicación Frame Magazine han vuelto a poner en la mira internacional a Roth Architecture, firma arquitectónica nacida en Tulum que cuenta entre sus exitosos proyectos AZULIK Tulum, el museo Sfer Ik y la Ciudad de las Artes, AZULIK Uh May.

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World Architecture

A Wooden Jungle Wraps The Interior Of A Fashion Store In Tulum Designed By Roth-Architecture

Roth-Architecture has completed a fashion store that is wrapped by wood material in the interior as part of displayed objects in Tulum, Mexico. The store combines fashion, design, architecture, jewelry, and art, within a space full of contrasts, textures, sensations and routes that invites you to discover the collections of the store.

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Un Nuevo Centro De Arte Se Abre Paso En Una Pequeña Comunidad De Quintana Roo

AZULIK Uh May surge como un espacio en donde el arte y la artesanía, como lenguaje universal, reunirá a estudiantes internacionales, artistas residentes, académicos y a la población maya local.

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