AZULIK Residences

Type: Residential
Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo
Size: 1.5 ha
Status: In design
Year: 2022-2024

AZULIK Residences

AZULIK Residences is the group’s first initiative in housing development. As part of its creative process, it seeks to re-think the conventional way in which construction and architecture have been designed nowadays. The project delivers as an alternative, spaces where the immersion in nature causes a different experience to inhabit.

The AZULIK Residences architecture seeks to awaken reflection, maintaining its philosophy by integrating biomimetic shapes, hand-made details, and establishing a permanent dialogue with nature. The volumetry is always in continuous movement. The architectural design avoids lines and straight angles to establish the idea of continuous fluidity. At the same time, concrete finishes merge various construction techniques and artisan approaches that give the feeling of carved stones, whose volumes and shapes vary, but always integrated harmoniously in these habitable sculptures. The interiors are free and flexible, always adapting to different needs, playing with light and the views. The building’s configuration is designed so that each residence has a different view of the jungle and is fully integrated into the circular and interconnected masterplan.

The windows provide openness and natural light, which coexist with artificial lighting that enhances the structure’s shapes and creates warm and aesthetically pleasant environments. The unique aesthetic can be appreciated in sets of bejuco ceilings, elegant concrete elements, natural textiles, and details that make this composition a dynamic and unpredictable design, subtly provocative, but harmonious and relaxing.

The architectural program comprises:

  • A site area of 1.5 Ha
  • 4 Towers
  • 88 Apartments
  • Private parking
  • Wellness amenities, including Jungle Gym and Yoga Shala
  • Social Amenities that include a restaurant, bar, swimming pools, boutique, and fire pit

Azulik Residences
Azulik Residences
Azulik Residences

Each building offers ten apartment typologies, starting at 90 sqm to 300 sqm. All units have its terrace, and some a rooftop, fire pit, and plunge. Roth Design studio offers customization of furniture, as well as decorative and artistic pieces. The handcrafted work of AZULIK´s creative experts, brings the brand’s iconic style, developing an experience adapted to each resident with a slow-living approach.

AZULIK Residences presents an architectural proposal that seeks to transform the current housing concept that has been projected in Tulum. The importance in the design of experiences, the architectural aesthetics, and Roth Architecture’s construction technique support this one-of a kind initiative. The project itself aims to generate a milestone in the future of the Riviera Maya destination and hence the consolidation of AZULIK’s way of living.